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Released December 4, 2007 Grandpa's Ghost 'Anesthetize the Dissonance of Your Cranium'  A massive four (4) CD collection form Ben Hanna and William Emerson that pulls together recorded material from all points in their musical compass. Not destined for CLEAR CHANNEL rotation this vast catalog fills the gaps from 'Il Baccio' through 'Tumble Love'. Not recommended for fans with heart ailments.
Released December 4, 2007 Grandpa's Ghost 'Bardot/The Void' is a double CD. On 'Bardot' Emerson crafts repetitive grooves with sonically sculpted dense layers of analog keys. 'The Void' is Hanna leading a wild pack of musicians on an un-chartered audio excursion.
Released December 4, 2007 Grandpa's Ghost  'Harry's Passion/Painted Skull and Other Fun Songs' is another double CD. 'Harry's Passion' is a collection of beautifully emotional sketches performed by Hanna and a host of attentive guests. 'Painted Skull' is a sonic adventure unique unto itself. Performed and recorded by Emerson all by his lonesome way out in Pocahontas, Illinois.
Released December 4, 2007 Grandpa's Ghost  (Ben Hanna, William Emerson, Jack Petracek and Eric Hall) 'The Prairie Drone Refraction' was conceived by Eric Hall and recorded live in St. Louis at THE WHITE FLAG art studio. Grandpa's Ghost performed four 15 minute sets of impromptu music with each previous performance playing back in the gallery space over loudspeakers with the band playing to it and to images by James Fotopolous being projected in the gallery. Released in conjunction with Echolocation Recordings. Outstanding.
Released September 2006-'Improvisations of The Subterranean Sunset Blues'  CD- Tim Garrigan, Tobi Parks, Ben Hanna
Released May 9, 2006 'Christabel' DVD by James Fotopoulos from the poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 74 minutes.
Released September 13th 2005.
Grandpa's Ghost  'Music From The Fotopoulos Projects'  consists of selected audio works from the forthcoming three DVD collaboration between  James Fotopoulos and Grandpa's Ghost. A super-sonic pleasure indeed. In association with Neshui Publishing.
Released January 10th, 2006 'The Lime Book' is over 400 original drawings by James Fotopoulos with an interview by Critic Ed Halter.
Released April 4th, 2006  James Fotopoulos and Tobi Parks 'Criminal Intent' CD. An audio excursion that originates from the depths of James' and Tobis' cerebral cortexes and arrives with splendid audio glory against your unsuspecting eardrums. Quite a trip.
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Neshui Publishing;
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Grandpa's Ghost: Words & Rhythm, Vol. 1:  The London's Cat-Meat CD
James Fotopoulos: Limited Edition Silk Screen CDR audio releases.

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